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Australia & New Zealand

Address: PO Box 4
Short Distro Description: Small zine distro operating from Eora (AKA Sydney).
Long Distro Description:

Take Care was founded on 1 January 2010 by Tim and Emma, in Eora (Sydney), Australia. We stock zines that we’ve made, some by good friends and comrades, and some that we just really like. We stock perzines, experimental writing, cut n paste, free zines, the occasional comic, punk zines, art zines, travel zines and other zines that are conceptually, technically or thematically interesting, and that aren’t overpriced. We like zines that explore intersectional anti-capitalist/communist/anarchist politics, DIY ethics, uninstitutionalised art practices, pop-culture and everyday life. We don’t currently have an open submission policy, but if you think your zine might fit really well with our current roster please feel free to get in touch – no promises though; we’re just a little distro and don’t have heaps of time or space to keep loads of stock 🙂

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